TIJD VOOR VERANDERING! - Irma Schiffers  TIME FOR A CHANGE – Irma Schiffers  (click on the picture to enlarge)  UPDATE  June 3rd, 2015, see here

Oil on canvas, 40 x 50 cm

Instead of sleeping I was painting all night long, without feeling sleepy, because it needs to be done until it is finished! Again this is a kind of painting that came right out of the soul into my mind, very clear, even all the details.  A few days I was confused about how to carry this out on the canvas, (I’m not a painter for a long time now) while exactly knowing what the inner message means, and what was need to be told!

It is a pretty stringent (this is how it feels) encouragement for accepting the changes of this time to go to the level of sensitivity: the feminin energy like the ´heart´, our senses and intuition. The sense of pure and true love, for ourselves, for the world and for our significant others and soulmates that we may find especially now and in the near future.

The hand on the left side coming in, is scraping and polishing the past. Scraping hurts always a bit, but it is also a sort of healing to create a new layer and to scrape away the old one. The mud and the dirt from the earth, sometimes with tracks and traces of bloodshed in the painting. We are able now to go to our true and inner feelings, (as the water shows us) and to go to a higher vibration, one which will resonate with our heart and our soul.

The world is in chaos now and enormously out of balance, and it brings old(-fashioned) personal relationships, workrelated partnerships, old patterns, other types of relationships or circumstances that are no longer useful to us, to the surface. Truth will be very important nowadays, everybody can feel it, sense it, hear it, see it and even read it! To be responsible for ourselves, our true nature, our inner child, our joy and happiness…., for some people it feels very natural to be like this, for others it is unusual and new. We need to go inside, forced or as a free will… but the time is now, in this second half of 2013, that we may reclaim our authenticity. ´Be´ who we really are, which we unfortunately lost in the last 26.000 years.

If you choose for the dark path, for material stuff, property, money, hold the levers of power and manipulation, in reaction you will attract this. If you choose for the light, for love, for a life to be lived with heart and soul, (on a deeper level we will all recognize that!), you will meet the deeper truth of our individual destination and so our soulmates. We can choose now! I like this image that I got, and now I´m able to share this ´image´ with you.

It is a time that I was waiting for, for so long, since I was born as a real aquarius (I’ve got 6 + 1 planets in aquarius, but fortunately Neptune in scorpio and moon in the 12th house!) I even can´t imagine how I could live without my heart and my sensitivity, without altruism, without caring for all living creatures and nature and even without caring for my unseen ´friends´ in another ´world´. Anyone deseves this beautiful feeling of sharing, true connection and sympathy, the real purity and unconditional love, so I´m truly grateful that I was ´helped´ to express this in colours and symbols. Herewith you see the birth of a new canvas, in a new age, called as the ´age of aquarius, and last but not least hopefully in a new world, with a new society that will give rebirth to a real heart-to-heart connection!


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