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For my English friends, the ENGLISH version below:

I was born in Hilversum, the Netherlands in 1962.  Past in a nutshell:  Veterinary-assistent; production of Radio-programs; Prof. bassplayer for ten years; study for social worker; Jungian-(psycho)therapist; born with spiritual abilities; I wrote two books and nowadays I´m working as a spiritual coach/counselor and I do a lot of spirit-art painting and drawing.

After writing/publishing two books (intuitively ; philosophy, columns (‘Like ‘Musical Chairs at the hairdressers‘) and poetry) I really needed to do more with the flow of images that came along, directly from spirit. I painted a lot of portraits, and afterwards the people around me recognized them as passed friends or family, who live in the spirit world. I was surprised and the inspiration came faster and faster.  I started to paint (oilpaint on canvas) and I made one after another, while not knowing what I was doing. It just  appears all the time. It is pure inspiration and artists try to make this visible and clear through words, poetry, paintings, statues or drawings.  It comes and goes, and my hands are doing the work… Weird?  Maybe, when you try to understand it on a rational base with your mind. But for me it isn´t  ´weird´  any longer, I´m used to this flow now. In England (Stansted) I met people who experience the same. I let it come en go whenever it needs to flow, and I love it. Or better: I serve other people with this gift. And what in the world is more beautiful than that? It is LOVE!  Art is a higher definition of love. Love for nature, for beauty, for the unseen world… the spiritual world.   Plato said: At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet.   And to stay in the philosophy for a while, Aristoteles said: ´Art completes what nature cannot bring to finish. The artist gives us knowledge of nature´s unrealized ends.´ And this is how it feels to me, even though if I don´t know who the spirit-artists are that may come trough…..

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